On selling our oil is the new option we are making available.
  Purchase oils in packs of 4, these can be resold by you at what ever markup you desire. They are sent without a label and you are then able to label them as you like.
 This is also a cheaper way to purchase the oils you are wanting to trial in products you make.
 The price is wholesale and shipping is added at about $1.50nz per 5 mil bottles

 Minimum order in NZ is 1 box of four.

  If you are not from New Zealand email us. 4 bottle pack is $3.50nz per bottle per pack to ship subject to your location.
  The minimum number of boxes is four this to keep freight cost down and meet the minimum quantities rules.
  So select the oils you need and make up an order of four, five, six ,seven or eight boxes of four. The maximum is eight boxes per order.
  If you want to know more email us through the contact page.

  • Douglas fir

    Douglas fir

    Four X Five mil bottles of our finest Douglas fir oil. please send  a email if you want to by this way. This is a…



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