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  • We at Estate Aromatics we are makers of Essential Oils in the Lower South Island of New Zealand, Exotic Forest tree species in New Zealand are wide in species and we source from wild sources or Plantation Forest fringes and the Native plants we use are sourced under a program of management and sustainability. We make oils, yes but we do not instruct on the use of the oils. This we believe should be only attempted by trained aromatherapists our oils are of that quality and are tested regularly. But our oils can be used in other applications like soaps, candles and other fragrance enhancing devices.
  • You are able to ask questions even if you don’t buy. The oils we sell are tested in Auckland and GC summaries are put together for them and in the future, we are putting together some formulations by working with some very talented aromatherapists here in New Zealand. We did only supply oils to New Zealand Clients from this web site but please just email if you are not in New Zealand. We have recently sent some Macrocarpa oil to the USA so things are possible. Credit card payments have been added as an option, or you can do a bank transfer.

  • Our thyme is also harvested from central Otago. The picture shows the large area’s that are occupied by this invasive species.
  • We also build our own stills and we are able to develop a system along the lines of vacuum distillation where we have the patent for doing so in New Zealand the USA. The picture is a trailer mounted vacuum still able to process about 160 to 200 kgs of material. The process due to the vacuum we believe gives us an edge to supply quality oils that are done at a low temperature ranging from 70 to 98 degrees. Different plant material responds to different temps. With it being colder than 100 degrees we keep a larger portion of the top notes.
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