Laugh a simple word but everyone should do this. It does make you feel lifted.

Why have I said this because making the oil and then bottling them we have time to laugh.

In 2012 I had a brain stem stroke and from this episode in my life I have now started making oils. Building and designing our own system to do this.

I do need help collecting the products we use but filling the bottles and putting on labels is a time-consuming task. You need to laugh a bit to get through that labelling process. So, if you see a label not really straight enough I am sorry but I would prefer you to just laugh as once on its done and I generally have a chuckle for the not so straight and square ones. The bad ones I take off and do again. But be sympathetic as it’s not easy to do as that side of me has been affected by the stroke.

So, buy our oils and support us as the more that is brought the more training I get putting on the labels. It does help with hand eye coordination. So, every bottle is a training tool for me even before it gets shipped.

I must say the wife does help and growls at labels not being straight, but I just Laugh

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