New Zealand

New Zealand before it was colonized was a land made up of Birds and Forests. There were no animals that browsed on foliage. All the browsing was done by birds and insects. The first settlers when they came started to clear the forest to make way for progress. The early pioneers came and brought with them a piece of their home land to plant, be it forest trees to small shrubs and herbs. This made a diverse range of exotic species that flourished in New Zealand. In the fifties the government of the time started to grow forests for timber and they tried many different species from different parts of the world, this too has added to the diversity of the foliage of New Zealand. Some of these species became pests and have now been targeted for control, as removal is not possible.  New Zealand was a land of forest and vegetation and the added species brought by pioneers or the State Forest Service, flourished in the environment that it was presented with.

Also as amenity species like around the Arrowtown Golf Course.

Arrowtown Golf Course

A lot of species that have been distilled for essential oil in the northern hemisphere are growing here in New Zealand but the nature of New Zealand has meant they have not been targeted or used in an essential oil industry. There is a small essential oil industry here and the industry is but a fledgling compared with the northern hemisphere. We have a diverse range of native species as well, some of these are entering the market place namely Manuka. Now we are changing that and plan to make available species from the Northern Hemisphere but grown in the Southern Hemisphere.  Using a unique distillation system and through testing we will make these oils available.

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