Oil Policy and Supply

Essential oils are starting to be used throughout the world and there is a lot of information on the uses of essential Oils. Most can be found on the web and through some very good books.

In New Zealand we have groups well versed in the usage and administering of Essential Oils. We support the following organization and if you need to understand more about aromatherapy. Contact any of their members, they will be very helpful in the process of understanding the art and usage of essential oils, we do not support any given one. The contact is a personal thing between aroma therapist and client this is where the true power of the oil is applied.


Some oils are just used for Fragrance and this is a simple use for the oils. But be aware that they are still a potent extract of the plant they come from and are able to create adverse reactions in some people. Our advice is straight forward, never use without appropriate dilution. If in doubt get advice.

If Pregnant, seek advice from a doctor before use. Always test a small area of the body before applying in a massage form and only diluted with safe carrier oils.

We are makers of oils through our distillation system and all our oils are true to the label. We have them GC tested for a number of reasons and then these are summarized for you, if you buy our oils you can see a summary of the GC and other data we have.

Bulk Oil we are able to supply with some consideration to the species and the timing of that supply.

If you are in the US then we would endorse you sourcing our oils through “The Essential Oil Company”. if they have some on hand. Hard work getting them there.

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