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Estate Aromatics is based on the Taieri Plain, south of Dunedin. We distill and sell 100% pure New Zealand essential oils produced on-site by us or sourced from our distillation partners who have bought our patented distillation system. This is why we can be confident of providing essential oils of the highest quality. There are currently only ten patented systems operating throughout New Zealand so Estate Aromatics has access to supply this very exclusive product. 

Estate Aromatics' product range encompasses both New Zealand natives and introduced species. But the growing conditions in New Zealand make the oils extracted unique and we are still exploring the breadth of their beneficial qualities. We currently sell our oils mostly in 5ml and 10ml bottles. We are introducing the 30ml range.

We regularly test our oils to ensure that high standards of quality and consistency are maintained in our products. The results also support our research and development program which enables us to launch exciting new oils and related products. 

Our products are mainly sold on-line to retail customers. However, if you are interested in stocking Estate Aromatics products in your business or wish to purchase wholesale in bulk quantity, choose "Wholesale Inquiry" as the inquiry type in our contact form and we'd be happy to discuss.

We can also provide distillation services for anyone wanting to extract oil from at least 60kg of plant material. We will soon have a smaller still online with a 25kg capacity. Please choose the "Distillation Inquiry" option in our contact form as talking to us at Estate Aromatics could be just what you need.


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