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We distill our own oils or source them from distillers who use our patented vacuum distillation system. There are currently ten of these systems running throughout New Zealand. They focus on Native essential oils, Forest or Lavender.


Essential Oils can come from many plants from around the world but at Estate Aromatics we focus on 100% pure essential oils from plants grown and distilled in New Zealand, some of them New Zealand Natives.

New Zealand native plants, and even those exotics that have been introduced to New Zealand, have unique properties because of our climate and the way they grow here. There is a growing awareness of their special nature and beneficial qualities. We are committed to increasing our knowledge of these fascinating plants and passing that knowledge on to you - our customers. Our product range will continue to expand.  We are constantly doing R&D on more Essential Oils from all across New Zealand. We are about to enter the testing and validation stage for Kawa Kawa and, if everything goes to plan, look forward to releasing this essential oil soon.

Browse our range below and try some of our beautiful oils.


Click on each of the photos below to discover some fascinating facts about these plants and the oil extracted from them.


Check out our Distillation System and the great images on our Gallery


We only supply 100% pure essential oils sourced and made in New Zealand. The price reflects the true cost of producing these oils in a sustainable way and includes travelling to (sometimes) remote areas, harvesting, the complete distillation process, testing and quality control. All these will vary for the different oils in order to produce the best quality essential oil. For instance, the run time for a single distillation can be anything from 45 to 200 minutes depending on the variety. Our essential oils are all wonderful and true to their name. We love the work we do in making them for you - our customer. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


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